Waterfront Parcels

The properties below are nestled on the beautiful and historic Contraband Bayou. With the sale of waterfront property to the very popular Shuck's of Abbeville fame, the properties to the North and along the Bayou offer a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the waterfront and locational amenities. If your food and beverage, boutique, or specialty retail shop would benefit from the proximity to gaming visitors to L'Auberge and Golden Nugget, these never-before-available properties deserve your immediate attention! Contraband Pointe offers:

  • Beautiful Contraband  Bayouproximity to 17 hotels (1 is a motel) and 2 casinos/golf resorts:
    • Golden Nugget and L’Auberge Hotel.
    • within 1,800 feet of the entrance to the retail portion off W. Prien Lake Road, there are over 950 hotel rooms!
    • within 1.5 miles of the entrance to the retail portion, there are over 3400 rooms!
  • significant nearby retail as evidenced by this list of commercial, hotel and retail establishments on nearby W. Prien Lake Road and Nelson Road.
  • proximity to hospitals and the growing medical community.
  • easy access to I-210, Lake Street, W Prien Lake Road, and Nelson Road.
  • new 4-lane road with a median and sidewalks on both sides.
  • An internal traffic circle plus the Holly Hill traffic circle will make Contraband Pointe driver and drive-friendly!

This link leads to a Google map of the entire property, complete with a legend indicating property sold and under contract.  Learn more about Southwest Louisiana's vital economy and more on this page.  Be sure to check out this Drone 360 Aerial tour offering views from 6 vantage points and the drone video blow of the Bayou and the North and East side of Contraband Parkway.

 This 66+- acre parcel is on the Northside of Contraband Parkway near L'Auberge Avenue leading to the Lake Area's two casino and golf resorts.  With over 4,000' along Contraband Bayou and over 1,000' along Contraband Parkway, this first-time listing offers endless potential.  

GISImage66acresAs shown in the image to the right, this property offers an extremely close proximity to the casinos and golf resorts, major retail such as Walmart, Sam's, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and many others.

This enviable location offers a tremendous opportunity for a lifestyle center or major hospitality and entertainment hub that embrace the navigable water frontage.

Besides the driver-friendly access from the internal traffic circle on Contraband Pointe, visitors can easily access the property from the traffic circle at W. Prien Lake Road and Contraband Parkway from the South, or Nelson Road from the West. Plus, any project will benefit from being so close to I-210, not to mention the 3200+ hotel rooms within 1.5 miles, including L'Auberge and Golden Nugget.

CP NorthWestThe drone photo to the right shows the Western portion of the 66 acres along Contraband Parkway and the Bayou, including the apron off of the internal traffic circle. 

With construction on the Nelson Road extension bridge expected soon, this location becomes even more enviable by offering easy access from Downtown Lake Charles via W Sallier which is just beyond the residential areas in the background.

Thumbprint for 66 acre brochure

Click on the image to the left or this link to open a custom brochure detailing this property.

A message to developers:

Contraband Pointe is an ideal location for a major hospitality development or Lifestyle Center that focuses on the waterways, recreation, entertainment, and culinary aspects of Southwest Louisiana. 

This seven-acre + parcel includes a breathtaking view of Contraband Bayou 

Area7This parcel is on the West side of Contraband Pointe. Of course, Buyers have the option to purchase additional property.

This would make an ideal setting for an impressive condominium medical/professional office complex combined with residential condominiums as well as hospitality, restaurants, retail, exercise facility and more.

In keeping with city code and the goal of achieving a walkable community, buyers are responsible for sidewalks and roads.

This is an incredibly beautiful and valuable parcel with a view of Contraband Bayou.
Click on the image to the left or this link to open a custom brochure.
Zoned business, this location can support a variety of businesses and could be combined with residential, tourist, professional/medical offices, and much more. 
Price quoted is for a 90-day closing. Add $.50/SqFt if the closing date is greater than 90-days. Dimensions/acreage are estimated.  

Join the excitement! This commercial waterfront in Contraband Pointe is highlighted on the first image and illustrated on the rendering below.

BayoufromEastsideContraband Pointe is near Golden Nugget and L’Auberge Hotel & Golfing Resorts, retail, medical, & I-210.

This 8 acre+ parcel offers approx 1448 feet along the bayou on the East & North side of Contraband Pointe!

Area8 2Click on the image to the left or this link for a brochure specific to this waterfront property.

Contraband Parkway, the new 4 lane road connecting W. Prien Lake Road at the Contraband Pointe Traffic Circle to Nelson Rd at L'Auberge Blvd opened on July 19, 2019.

This 2.14-acre offering features approximately 462 feet on Contraband Bayou and affords business or food and beverage owners an opportunity to provide a view of the Bayou previously reserved to those with boats.

Photo of Area 4 in Contraband Pointe overlooking the BayouAs indicated in the image to the right, Area 4A is to the immediate North of the future home of Shuck and Boil of Lake Charles. 

The positive local reaction to the announcement that the Lake Area will soon have a high-caliber restaurant on the water makes this location perfect for other food and beverage operations.

The parcel size presented with 4A should be considered as an example. Inquiries for larger or smaller parcels are welcome as long as the property being sold is contiguous to property that has been sold and closed.

4aClick on the image to the left or this link to open a custom brochure about this waterfront listing.

Buyers are responsible for installing infrastructure, including the N/S road which must be built to city specifications and dedicated to the city.

Another, very viable option is to purchase all of Area 4 which includes 4A. With the purchase of the entire 4.32 acres within Area 4, there is no requirement to build a North/South Road.

Either approach results in a tremendous commercial waterfront opportunity in the heart of Lake Charles. Contraband Bayou offers a significant opportunity for those seeking a location for outdoor dining.

The $10.25/SqFt ($955,489) price is based on a closing between 121-180 days from the purchase agreeement. If closed within 120 days, the price is reduced to $9.75/SqFt.

The combination of Area 4 and 8D South includes approx 1000 feet on Contraband Bayou!  Boutique and other specialty shops, as well as food and beverage enterprises, will find this a compelling waterfront setting to attract customers.

Area 4 and 8D SouthSome of those customers will come from nearby hotels. Others will come from the existing retail, restaurant, and medical hub along Neilson and W. Prien Lake Road. 

Given the demand for waterfront restaurants in Lake Charles, Area 4 and 8D South is projected to join Shucks as a popular dining destination.  

And, now that Contraband Parkway that connects W. Prien Lake to Nelson Road is completed, that customer base will be even closer!

If less property is needed, check out Area 4 or Area 4A or call Mary Kay Hopkins to discuss your waterfront needs. 

As long as property sales are contiguous to land already closed, property dimensions can be adjusted.

Buyers are responsible for infrastructure, including the N/S road if purchasing less than Area 4. 


Click on the image to the left or click on this link to open a brochure about this parcel.

There is no requirement for a N/S road if purchasing all of Area 4 or Area 4 plus Area 8D-South.

The $2,265,120 price represents $10/SqFt for closings less than 120 days from the date of the purchase agreement. Add $0.50/SqFt if closed between 121 and 180 days.

Imagine the setting that 4.32 acres along the beautiful and historic Contraband Bayou offers for your enterprise! Whether you have a restaurant, pastry or malt shop, or any business that would benefit by providing a never-before-available view to your customers, this property deserves your immediate attention!

Overlooking Contraband Bayou from Contraband PointeArea 4 is to the immediate North of the property recently sold to Shuck and Boil of Lake Charles. 

The positive local reaction to the announcement that the Lake Area will soon have a high-caliber restaurant on the water is such that this location lends itself to other food and beverage operations.


Click on the image to the left or this link to open a brochure specific to this Contraband Pointe property.

The parcel size presented here should be considered as an example only as additional property or smaller parcels can be achieved.

The price of $1,834,747 is based on $9.75/SqFt with a closing between 121 days-180 days from the date of the purchase agreement. If closed within 120 days, a $0.50/SqFt reduction is offered.