The various conceptual parcels actively for sale are listed below, sorted in ascending order by size. The parcel reference number and location are shown on these two maps.

 Property Location and Reference NumbersCP Parcels Major Streets and Bridge 2024 01 30     Conceptual Rendering showing potential land use2024 Conceptual Rendering with sales and available parcels

A custom brochure is available by clicking on each property image.  The link in the middle column leads to the website page dedicated to that property. All acreage and dimensions are estimated.

                      Property Image 

Reference #, Price, Acres,
Frontage/Street Name 

Land Use

1C Primary 2 2023 12 28

1C   $950,000  $17.73/SqFt

1.23 Acres

200' on W. Prien Lake Road

Restaurant, Retail, Service Shop, or combination as the size, configuration, and driving lanes allow for multiple uses
Area 6E in Contraband Pointe

6E   $1,100,000   $9.35/SqFt

2.7 Acres
140' on Contraband Parkway

Medical/Professional offices, Recreation, Restaurant, Entertainment
3A with comment re 1C

3A    $750,000   $5.47/SqFt 
3.15 Acres
240' in common with the driving lane
between 3A and 1C

Big Box Retail facing W. Prien Lake Rd, Smaller retail facing East, Entertainment, Service
3W on Contraband Point at traffic circle

3W    $1,575,000    $9.39/SqFt

3.85 Acres
280' fronting Contraband Parkway

Entertainment, Recreation, Restaurants, and/or Hospitality, Health Club, Professional Offices, Senior Housing
1 Drone image of Bayou along East side

4  $1,300,000   $6.91/SqFt
4.32 Acres 
Bayou Vue off Contraband Parkway
800' on the Bayou, 175' on South Boundary

Sports bar, restaurant, dessert shops,
Pop-up Venues

1 Area 2 in Contraband Pointe highlighted on Google Image 

 2   $3,450,000   $15.84/SqFt

 5 Acres
258' on L'auberge Blvd

Hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, retail, professional offices, multi-family, senior housing


3D Highlighted 

3D   $3,700,000   $7.39/SqFt 

11.5 Acres
900' on Contraband Parkway

Mixed-use, professional offices (single or multi-story), retail facing Contraband Parkway, multi-family behind retail

1 Primary highlighted only

3A & 3B    $4,900,000   $6.97/SqFt
16.15 Acres 
800' on W Prien Lake Rd
922' on Contraband Parkway 

3A: Big Box Retail facing W Prien Lake Road.
3B: Smaller retail, restaurants, and service shops facing East 

3C and 3D highlighted and street names 20023 12 26

3C & 3D   $7,700,000  $6.99/SqFt
25.3 Acres
800' on W Prien Lake Rd
2400' on Contraband Parkway

Office, restaurants, retail, live-work along Contraband Parkway with multi-family and senior housing between what fronts Contraband Parkway and 3B/Prien Plaza 
66 Acres from East to West along Bayou with LAuberge and Golden Nugget in background  66 Acres   $16,400,000  $5.70/SqFt
66 Acres between Contraband Parkway and the Bayou
Over 4,000' on Bayou
1,000' on Contraband Parkway

Destination! Guest rental cottages, entertainment, recreation, and boating options complement the thousands of casino gaming admissions each month.  

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