Imagine the setting that 4.32 acres along the beautiful and historic Contraband Bayou offers for your enterprise! Whether you have a restaurant, pastry or malt shop, or any business that would benefit by providing a never-before-available view to your customers, this property deserves your immediate attention!

Overlooking Contraband Bayou from Contraband PointeArea 4 is to the immediate North of the property recently sold to Shuck and Boil of Lake Charles. It includes Area 4A. 

The positive local reaction to the announcement that the Lake Area will soon have a high-caliber restaurant on the water is such that this location lends itself to other food and beverage operations.

The parcel size presented here should be considered as an example only.

  • Need less property? Consider Area 4A.
  • Only need an acre? That can be arranged as long as the property is contiguous to property already closed.
  • If additional property is required, check out the combination of Parcel 4 and 8D, also featured on this page.
  • Grand plans requiring in excess of 1,000 feet on the water? Additional waterfront property is available to the north.

Buyers are responsible for installing infrastructure, including the N/S road to be built to city specifications for public dedication.

The image below provides a general idea of the location. Better yet, click on this link to a Google Map showing all of Contraband Pointe for an interactive view.Image of Area 4 and 4A


 Contraband Parkway Progress as of 4/12/19

IMG 20190412 163533697 HDR