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Located East of Prien Plaza, a highly successful retail property on the corner of Nelson and W. Prien Lake Road, Area 3A consists of approximately 3.15 acres.  

3A with comment re 1C Area 3A is to the immediate East of Hobby Lobby, which was welcomed to Contraband Pointe in 2022.

Along with the Hobby Lobby store, the driving lane along the Southern boundary and the main entrance has been completed.

The LA Department of Transportation has approved the entrance as a full-access entrance. Wetlands have been mitigated.

Click here to open a brochure regarding Area 3A.

Area 6E on Contraband Parkway is an attractive option if less property is needed. 

The out parcel in front of 3A, called "1C," is an attractive outparcel that remains for sale. 


 Conceptual Rendering with sales and available parcels


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