News and links about Lake Charles with a focus on Contraband Pointe.

Screenshot from Contraband Pointes video2/8/2023

KPLC reports that the groundbreaking ceremony for the Nelson Road Extension Bridge will be held on February 9th.

While the story did not provide a timeline, sources have reported that construction is slated to begin within 90 -120 days and take three years to build.

Once completed, traffic to and from downtown Lake Charles, the CHRISTUS Ochsner Hospital, and the surrounding medical community, as well as residents of the Shell Beach Drive area, will have two routes to access Contraband Pointe as well as the nearby restaurants, retail, medical offices, casinos, and hotels.

Long-awaited, this is great news for those who have already invested in Contraband Pointe, such as Marcel Contraband Pointe which is under construction and is sure to reap the benefits of the traffic generated due to this time-saving route. Learn more about Marcel, and look at the plans detailed on their impressive brochure.

The drone image below provides the approximate location of the bridge and clearly illustrates the impact the bridge will have on developments such as Marcel Contraband Pointe. Approximate location of Nelson Road Extension Bridge


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