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"Remarkably, the fastest growing MSA in the country over 2013-18 is the Lake Charles MSA. We have documented almost $117 billion in projects announced for this region since 2012---an unheard of number. About half of those projects have yet to start construction, something we expect to change, especially in mid-to-late 2019 when three LNG projects are expected to go vertical. Lake Charles is expected to continue in its role as the fastest growing MSA in the state, adding 4,000 jobs (+3.3%) in 2019 and another 5,300 jobs (+4.3%) in 2020."

Loren C. Scott
Louisiana Economic Outlook, 2019-2020

For years, Loren C. Scott, Professor Emeritus in Economics, Louisiana State University, has been considered the go-to economist for this region and beyond.  Scott's Annual Louisiana Economic Outlook is quoted extensively. 

His full report for 2019-2020 is available by clicking on this link  with research specific to Southwest Louisiana starting on page 51. recap of his 2017-2018 report can be found on the Port of Lake Charles' website.
Scott points out that 
Lake Charles has garnered an astounding $116.8 billion in industrial announcements since 2012 and that 
$56.1 (48%) are already constructed or are underway.

ContrabandPointeImageUnparalleled Amenities

  • An average of 600,000+* visitors each month to two Casinos to the West
  • Contraband Parkway, the 4-lane road connecting W. Prien Lake Road at Holly Hill to Nelson at L’Auberge Avenue is nearing completion
  • 5,000 feet along Contraband Bayou
  • 111 Acres in the City Limits, zoned “Business”
  • Adjoining and Nearby Highly Respected and well performing Retail
  • Prime opportunity for Town Center featuring entertainment, residential, commercial, medical, and offices

lnterstate 210 Bridge at SunsetVisitor Friendly Location

  • 3400+ hotel rooms within 1.5 miles of the W. Prien Lake entrance
  • 2 Major Casino Resorts with two golf courses
  • Visibility and easy access to and from Interstate-210, W. Prien Lake Road and Nelson Road
  • The internal traffic circle on Contraband Parkway plus the Holly Hill Traffic Circle on W. Prien Lake Road will make Contraband Parkway and Contraband Pointe driver and drive friendly
  • Centrally located between Houston and New Orleans (2.5 hours from Houston and 3 hours from New Orleans)
  • Vital and Growing Economy

Join an Impressive List of Buyers

  • LCBR Entertainment
  • LA-Z-Boy
  • Phase Two Properties
  • Shuck and Boil of Lake Charles

*Average number of monthly gamers based on Louisiana Gaming Reports for 2018 for L'Auberge and Golden Nugget.

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