The combination of Area 4 and 8D includes approx 1000 feet on Contraband Bayou!  Boutique and other specialty shops, as well as food and beverage enterprises, will find this a compelling waterfront setting to attract customers.

Area 4 and 8 CombinedSome of those customers will come from nearby hotels. Others will come from the existing retail, restaurant, and medical hub that Nelson and W. Prien Lake Rd has become. 

Given the demand for waterfront restaurants in Lake Charles, Area 4 and 8 is projected to join Shucks as a popular dining destination.  

And, with the completion of Contraband Parkway that connects W. Prien Lake to Nelson Road, that customer base will be even closer!

If less property is needed, check out Area 4 or Area 4A or call Mary Kay Hopkins to discuss your waterfront needs. 

As long as property sales are contiguous to land already closed, property dimensions can be adjusted according to the end-users needs.

Buyers are responsible for infrastructure, including the N/S road.


Buyers are responsible for installing infrastructure, including the N/S road, to city specifications for public dedication.

Drone Photo facing west from the East side of Contraband Bayou