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This 2.14-acre offering features approximately 462 feet on Contraband Bayou and allows business or food and beverage owners to provide a view of the Bayou previously reserved for those with boats.

1 4A HighligtedArea 4A is to the immediate North of the future home of Shuck and Boil of Lake Charles. 

The positive local reaction to the announcement that the Lake Area will soon have a high-caliber restaurant on the water makes this location perfect for other food and beverage operations.

The parcel size presented with 4A should be considered as an example. Inquiries for larger or smaller parcels are welcome as long as the property is contiguous to property that has been sold and closed.

4aClick on the image to the left or this link to open a custom brochure.

Buyers are responsible for installing infrastructure, including the North/South road, which must be built to city specifications and dedicated to the city.

Another very viable option is to purchase all of Area 4, which includes 4A. With the purchase of the entire 4.32 acres within Area 4, there is no requirement to build a North/South Road.

Either approach results in a tremendous commercial waterfront opportunity in the heart of Lake Charles. Contraband Bayou offers a significant opportunity for those seeking a location for outdoor dining.

Arrow pointing to Aea 4 from drone above Contraband Parkway red

Tract 4A

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The photo below was taken from the bank of Contraband Pointe and gives an idea of the natural beauty of this location.

View of Contraband Bayou from Contraband Pointe


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