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Located to the immediate East of Prien Plaza, a highly successful retail property on the corner of Nelson and W. Prien Lake Road, Area 3A consists of 12.6 acres with visibility from I-210.  

Jan 10, 2020 notice:  The acreage of this parcel has been increased to a total of 12.6 acres as it now includes the out parcel labeled "1C" in the drawing below.

The updated pricing includes an allowance of $1,008,900 for the N/S road depicted on the drawing. The price per square foot based on days to close from the date of the Purchase Agreement is as follows:

  • $8.06/SqFt if closed within 120 days
  • $9.06/SqFt if closed after 120 days but before 210 days 

All wetlands in this parcel have been mitigated.

Larger configurations are available such as Area 3A and 3B and all of Area 3

Area 6E on Contraband Parkway is an attractive option if less property is needed. 



While the pricing includes an allowance for the N/S road, buyers are responsible for the construction process.