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This approximate 2.7-acre offering features 140' on Contraband Parkway, the new 4-lane road projected to open in 2019. 

Area 6EReferred to as Area 6E, this corner parcel will have appeal to a variety of mixed-use end users.

Combined with the additional property to the North, this would make an ideal setting for an impressive business park or lifestyle center.

Buyers are responsible for infrastructure and building the road on the West boundary.

Click "Read More" below to see a progress photo of Contraband Parkway. 

Area 6E is on the right (north) side. 

Note that the configuration of 6E is subject to change.

This June 23, 2019 photo was taken after the completion of the stripping phase of the road project which is now complete.  Shucks and Rowdys will be on the eastern side (right).  Area 6E is to the immediate north of Rowdys.  Area 4A is to the East of Rowdys and north of Shucks.  

IMG 20190623 080802055 HDR


Click here for a Google map of the entire Contraband Pointe development.