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"Remarkably, the fastest growing MSA in the country over 2013-18 is the Lake Charles MSA. We have documented almost $117 billion in projects announced for this region since 2012---an unheard of number. About half of those projects have yet to start construction, something we expect to change, especially in mid-to-late 2019 when three LNG projects are expected to go vertical. Lake Charles is expected to continue in its role as the fastest growing MSA in the state, adding 4,000 jobs (+3.3%) in 2019 and another 5,300 jobs (+4.3%) in 2020."

Loren C. Scott
Louisiana Economic Outlook, 2019-2020

Contraband Point's proximity to Casinos

The formal ribbon cutting celebrating the opening of Contraband Parkway was held on August 29, 2019. This Mayor Nic Hunterlink leads to comments by Mayor Nic Hunter following the ceremony. His remarks stress the importance of Public/Private Partnerships such as the Contraband Parkway Project.

As the owner of Contraband Pointe, Block 18 of Barbe Properties, LLC, is proud to be one of these private partners, having donated well over 11 acres for the 4-lane road that now connects Prien Lake Road at the Contraband Pointe Traffic Circle to Nelson Rd at L'Auberge Avenue.

Thanks to Robin Richardson with KPLC TV for allowing us to capture and post her interview. Click here for Robin's coverage.

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From the NE corner of the property
facing Casinos
Contraband Bayou bordering North boundary of Contraband Pointe

 Facing North from the Traffic Circle at
W. Prien Lake Road and Contraband Parkway

 Facing East from Nelson Road at L'Auberge Blvd.Contraband Pointe from Nelson Road at L'Auberge Ave