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This 41+ acre parcel is to the East of the future Hobby Lobby which will be located behind La-Z-Boy and next to Target, and North of Prien Plaza with 3,000' along Contraband Parkway and 800' on W. Prien Lake Road  

Drone3DplusThe price per square foot based on days to close from the date of the Purchase Agreement: 

  • $8.25/SqFt ($14,759,326 is the asking price in MLS) if closed within 120 -180 days.
  • $7.75/Sqt if closed in less than 120 days

If less property is needed, consider Area 3A, Area 3A, and B, or Area 6E.

With the exception of a small section along the drainage lateral which should not be impacted, all wetlands have been mitigated.

3A3B3C3DA Traffic Impact Analysis has been approved by the Louisiana Department of Transportation.

Click the image to the left or this link to open a custom brochure.

Underground power lines along Contraband Parkway are in progress.

Buyers are responsible for infrastructure.

The frontage and acreage listed here are estimated.

If less property is needed, consider:


This drone photo shows all of Area 3A, 3B, 3C and most of 3D. 


This image shows all of 3A, a section of 3B, all of 3A, and the majority of 3D


In the drone photo below, Area 3D, at the entrance off of Contraband Parkway, is highlighted.

Drone photo with 3D indicated

The image below demonstrates the attractive proximity of Contraband Pointe to the two casino and golf resorts as well as examples of various offerings. 


This is a drone image show Area 3A, 3B, and 3C taken on September 31, 2019 prior to Hobby Lobby.

W Prien Lake Road

 Photo courtesy of Dr J Snatic.


IMG 20190623 083000741 HDR